Fine Food in Branson

This is our second trip to Branson, MO for vacation.
Because we can only close the sign business for this
week of the year, many of the restaurants in Branson
are closed for the rest of the year.  Thankfully not
T-Bones Steak House.  We just stumbled upon this
place last year looking for a meal on a Saturday night.
You hear me talking about Dr. Deming’s “Joy in Work”.
Here you can see, and taste it in action.  From the moment
you cross the threshold you are cared for in a most
uncommon way.  We told the lady that seated us we were
returning from last year.  She became almost teary eyed
as she told us she had worked there for 5 years and that
she “loved it” and that everything they did was done with
an attitude of caring and passion for excellence.
When traveling Carolyn and I usually split meals so it was
on Wednesday. Here, like in many restaurants, there is a split
charge, $3.25. this includes an additional side item.  Our wait
told us this was optional and we could fore go the split charge
and stay with the 2 side items included with the meal.
This is what we did. We settled on a Kansas City Strip 12 oz.
with baked potato and steamed veggies.  Three rolls added
starch and still there was room for Bailey’s infused cheesecake.
Total cost of this belt loosening meal, $28.49.
Processes are good, systems are needed, but remember, they
both should serve to deliver, not hinder, the kind of customer
service that has people bragging about your product or service.

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