Mr. Romney’s – No Apology

Having bought myself a Lenovo tablet I had all the capability to download Mitt Romney’s ebook, No Apology – the Case for American Greatness.  Now more than half through with the book, (my hope is to finish before the election) I thought to give you a review of what I have read.  I now know that Mitt Romney wrote this book.  It is clear that many celebrities have books written for them, and to be honest I expected the same here.  During the first 2 debates Romney used quote after quote from the pages of this book.  He is so comfortable with the details that I am convinced they are his ideas.  So much of what Romney writes here is spot on.  His views of America’s place in the world, including our responsibility to “keep the peace” I believe, and have believed it for a long time.  There are, however, two areas in which the governor needs instruction.  The first is in his understanding of what it takes for the U.S. to compete globally.  The other is in his understanding of what is wrong with education in the U.S.  In No Apology Mr. Romney espouses the cost cutting philosophy of Michael Porter.  Mr. Porter, a business management guru to some, suggests
you cut costs by making your suppliers compete against one another.  Further that you
buy based on lowest purchase price.  Phoooey!  Please notice I did not say Mr. Porter
wants you to buy based on lowest “cost”.  There is a big difference.  Read some of the
work of W. Edwards Deming and it will be clear to you that only by purchasing on lowest
“total” cost can you maximize the system.
On education Mr. Romney lands on the “right” side of the argument.  Over 3 decades
we have been saying “more funding” or “more accountability” depending on your
political leaning.  Both of these positions are wrong.  If you really want to fix
education in the states, start with the work of David P. Langford.  He has been using
Dr. Deming’s Philosophy to transform school systems for 20 years.

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