Don’t just improve your business, transform it.

Every week in the United States there are hundreds of seminars, trade shows, exhibits, all aimed at helping you squeeze a little more bottom line from your business or enterprise. All too often whatever you were supposed to have learned was forgotten before your return flight touches down. Stop trying to improve, Transform!

In the early 1950’s an American, W. Edwards Deming (1900-1993), was invited to speak in Japan by JUSE, the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers. That first summer, Deming taught 200 Japanese managers his theories on control of quality.  Within twenty short years, Japan, which lay in ruins in 1950, was producing some of the world’s finest products.  Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge lives on in great companies like….

Campbell’s Soup

Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The Ritz Carlton Hotels

Pratt Whitney

Winchester Firearms

Louisville Slugger Bats

Proctor & Gamble


This same transforming power is available today.  Together we trace the path of fundamental transformations needed for you to survive the current economic crisis and then lay the groundwork for success in the future.

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