Second Worst Movie Experience

Off to see the new Bond movie with the wife on Saturday.
Skyfall had finished it’s run at AMC and was playing for $3
at our local Movies 8.  We arrived 10 minutes early but
were soon enough treated to the first of the previews.
A lot of previews.  Eight in all, plus they ran the preview
for JANGO TWICE!  Then the screen went black, and
stayed black.  Music started playing, the screen is black.
Finally a manager pokes his head in and just says, “It
will just be a couple of minutes, folks.”  Okay, five
minutes and Skyfall starts.  But wait, it is already into
the movie.  So a patron goes to the manager and asks
that we be shown the movie from the beginning.  The
movie stops.  The screen is blank.  Music is playing and
the pre-show slides start to run again.  More than 20
minutes have passed since the start time.  Finally the
room goes dark, the music stops, and the previews
start again!!!  We are all holding our breath but at the
end of Previews II Skyfall starts.  That is when everyone
realizes we were only 1 minute into the movie the first
time through.  It took the first 30 minutes of the film to get over the
experience.  And that is not all.  When we finally exited the
theatre, standing in the lobby were 40 people expecting the
film to be starting again. WOW!  The lesson here is that when
something like this happens you can expect a ripple effect.
Could they have foreseen that?  Planned for it?

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