“Don’t Improve Your Business, Transform it!”  Dr. Deming’s theories were less about “improving” companies, than “transforming” them.  Nothing is more important than the foundation that you lay for this transformation.  The companies that will succeed in the future will be those that have made the leap from American style management to the “Better World” that Dr. Deming taught.

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“Alan is both a friend and a client. Recommending him as an authority on W. Edwards Deming and the Deming Method of Management comes easy. Alan has studied Deming and implemented his strategies in his life and business with great success and now is spreading the word as only he can. Funny, insightful and able to show others how to make sense of it all, Alan will be a great asset to your company as well.” October 27, 2009

Tim Thielen , Owner , Thielen+ Commercial, LLC

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