Greece can be Saved

In 1946, the year I was born, Dr. Deming was 46 years old.  It was that year that he wrote a paper on his observations of the elections in Greece.  I have a fondness for Greece and the Greek people, having worked closely with Autogram International for the last 18 years.  We spent 8 days there in the late 90’s and along with New Zealand, it is a place I wish everyone could experience.  Things are very bad in Greece at this moment.  The austerity measures Greece must put in place to secure the remaining loans from the EU are causing unrest.  The solution to Greece’s problems is no further away than what Dr. Deming taught.  A half dozen Deming trained consultants, with permission, could put the country on the same track Japan took after 1950, a track that took it to the top of the world in quality of manufactured product.  Dr. Deming observed about Japan that there was nothing unique about them, they simply took what he taught them and changed the world.  Deming’s philosophy  still holds that same kind of power to change the game.

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