LA Bound and Excited

I will be attending the 2018 Deming Conference in Manhattan Beach, Ca, October 4-7. This years conference is titled “Why Deming, Why Now?”. This will be a wonderful time of reunions for me as there will be 8-10 long-time Deming fanatics there I have not seen in 7 years.

Sales of the Red Bead Game have been steady with 5 going to an engineering firm in Thailand, a third game shipped to the Australian government, a game sent to the makers of the Patriot Missile and an inquiry from Tyson Farms. I keep a stock of 20-30 games but that can be depleted very quickly.



We have just purchased a Roland MDX-40, 4 axis Benchtop CnC machine.
After Advance Machine of Clearwater, Fl creates all the tooling needed, we
will be able to make game paddles at  the touch of a button. Cool. This will
greatly help us keep ahead of incoming orders. The machine listed for more
than $14,000.


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