A New Direction?

Thinking about the sign business and what direction to take for the short term.  Of course after 40 years I am ready to stop making signs already.  I may have 20 years left to make a difference, and I will spend that time speaking and teaching Dr. Deming’s ideas, helping as many as possible to start down the path of his transformational thinking.  The most powerful element of teaching Deming is trumpeted in the old saying about “teaching a man to fish”.  The main idea behind Deming is a transformation.  When this transformation takes place the hearer is no longer able to look at business management, or any kind of organizational management the same way.  Deming’s ideas pervade everything he does.  As this new convert starts to apply Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge he sees the results and becomes more and more convinced that it works.
I am more that 10 years into this transformation and have seen Deming’s ideas work in businesses large and small.  So now it is time to apply systems thinking once again to our situation at SignPrinters.  I will be starting the process in the next few weeks and will post updates here so you can share in our success.

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