Branson again, Naturally

We arrived at Stormy Point Village about 2pm on Saturday, the 28th.
It was cold but not bitterly so, in the high 30’s.  We had sought
out Big Cedar Lodge for lunch and had shared the chicken livers which
are served on a huge bed of mashed potatoes, surrounded with a moat
of peppercorn gravy.  Two can split this, and we did.

Enjoyed the viewof Lake Tanycomo from our table.





After checking in and arranging our quarters we lounged about for 2
hours then dressed for Sight and Sound’s production of Miracle of Christmas.

Sight and Sound Theaters exist to spread the Gospel
of Jesus Christ by bringing the Bible to life.  If you are
ever near Branson, MO, make it a point to see one
of their productions.  You will be astounded.
Jonah starts March 22, 2014.

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