Dummy and Yummy

At the 2012 ISA (International Sign Association) show so in Orlando for just 2 days.  Left Tallahassee 6 pm on Thursday and stopped over in Gainesville.  Bargain on the room thanks to online purchase but there was still an opportunity to learn.  I have a couple of things that I believe all hotels could do to improve the experience.  One is to send the maintenance man/woman to check all the toilet seats to make sure they are not loose.  Silly, you say?  Back injury will be swift and sure if you twist to reach your backside and the seat shifts suddenly.  Second, please start this simple plan.  Ask an employee to stay a single night in one of your rooms, no charge of course.  In the course of this excercise have them note any difficulty they have in the normal course of showering, adjusting the TV, anything at all.  I noted  a couple at the Paramount Plaza in Gainesville.  First, the water pressure was high enough to knock over a small child or adult.  Usually this is the opposite of the problem, but in this case, restrictors would save hundreds.  My other problem here is related to something that is really quite common.  That is that the hotels are replacing nomal toilet seat lids with the new, new 1/16″ thick plastic ones.  When I, or anyone puts their foot on the lid to dry it, you foot pushes deeply into the lid, causing quite a fright.

Think, people.  Either spend nights in the rooms yourself or ask employees to do it, but very important data is out there to be discovered, and the result of this discovery will be much more satisfied customers.

Our Friday night stay was at the WestGate Lake Resort, a timeshare that happened to place some studios online for $70, plus $11.30 tax I might add.  Check-in and getting to our room was a 50 minute affair, about 45 minutes too long.  Since this was a timeshare resort everything these people did was aimed that way.  We waited in a line for 30 minutes to see  someone at registration.  The desk clerk took about 15 minutes to read our online receipt and inform us of a $50 refundable fee “in case we damaged their room”.  Trust me, Jonathon, your system of check-in is doing incalculable damage to your reputation, and is doing it all day long.  Every day.  Think, people.

the Yummy part of the title is there to remind us of the meal experience we shared at the Market Street Cafe in Celebration.  The cafe overlooks a man-made lake.  We sat outside as close to the view as we could get.  We should have split.  Both are meals were delicious and the wait guy was superb, but that was just too much food.  Market Street Cafe has a great system, and it works.

Think, people

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