Same Old, Same Old

My big gripe at this moment is that nothing is changing.  So what?  Maybe I have to go a little deeper for you to understand.  When I look at the world through the lens of Deming’s Profound Knowledge I see people who’s every move, thought and desire is programmed for them.  They buy labelled clothes not because they are in any way superior, but because they are supposed to.  Women spend $20 Billion a year on cosmetics why?  Could they not look just as lovely on 10 Billion?  The money is spent not because it makes them look better, but they are told it will make them look better.  So I see this huge system of control, and the worst kind of control, the control that makes you think you are free to choose.  Well, in a way you are free to choose one of 10 different brands of designer jeans.  What you are not free to do is choose no brand of designer jean.
Can you see what I am getting at?  An example could be a watch like Fossil.  The early Fossil watches were extremely unique.  I had one that had tiny license plates under the crystal.  Still have it.  I think I paid $40 for it.  Today Fossil watches are almost identical.  So why do people buy them.  Because they are supposed to.  It no longer matters what the quality of the watch is or what it looks like.  It is a Fossil, buy it.  Relic started in much the same way.  There are hundreds of brands that started the same way, a unique quality product.  Over time it becomes less and less about the uniqueness or the quality, and simply about the brand.  And brands you are supposed to buy.

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