The other day my wife Carolyn commented that life, at least in the U.S., seemed so full of distractions.  I never gave it much thought, but now that I do, I see that she is, for once, right.  Sports seasons run non-stop and if there is an hour empty of a championship run, there are always re-runs.  So what’s the problem?  Just this.  You may have noticed things are pretty bad right now.  To get us out of this mess we are going to have to think as well as act.  While I enjoy a good football game or any number of other sports, we needn’t think
things will get any better if we all stay in a state of suspended animation.  So spend some of that arm chair quarterbacking time discussing  how we can make this a better world, one family at a time.  Here is a good place to start, the life and philosophy of W. Edwards Deming at http://demingcollaboration.com

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