Let’s get this straight

The recent exercise in futility that was the debt ceiling crisis was, as most of us expected, a bit ant-climatic.  All the emotion aimed at preventing any real change in the way this country is run was, in the end, successful.  We have pushed the problem out into the future a bit but no one thinks any real change is “out there” either.  Friends, I too hate it that this has happened when it did, let alone at all.  We have for many years known something like this was coming, known collectively that we could not sustain the path we were on.  So now what?  No one wants to lose a penny of what they have been receiving, no one wants any cut to the monies that have been coming in.  We adapt to live on what we get, it is no different in tough times, though we have less, we still expand to fill the space.  Change is not going to come politically and it is not going to come from the top.  It must come from you if it is to come at all.  Learn how to change your life now and start to affect change in the future for the rest of the world.  http://demingcollaboration.com

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