It seems any attempt talk about education is met with one of two very old arguments.  One, and currently the stronger of the two is the “hold everyone responsible” argument.  This “solution” takes the tack of trying to improve the quality of our children’s education by holding everyone in the chain responsible for “the results”.  This sounds mighty sincere and attempts to at least put the blame somewhere.  The other way to solve the problem is to throw money at it.  These proponents believe that results are directly related to how much money is spent per student.  Let me jump in here and simply label both of these very opposing ideas….. wrong.  Once you view the education of children as what it is, a single system, with students, teachers, parents, school staff, etc., all having a part to play in what is arguably the highest calling we can undertake, you will dispense with singling out just one part of the whole system.  It is one system and must be treated that way.  Tamper with one sliver of it, and you harm the whole, more than that, you can prevent the success of the whole.  http://demingcollaboration.com

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