Dr. Franklin, I Presume

Marvin & Alan

Thursday evening, the 7th was quite a hoot.  There was a concert by Marvin Goldstein, an internationally known pianist and entertainer.  Carolyn and I have know Marvin for nearly 30 years.

The concert lasted nearly 2 hours and included many patriotic songs.  This concert was the brain child of another friend and fellow professional speaker, John Curry.  John was celebrating 36 years in business and put the concert on as a way of thanking his many customers.  The Turner Auditorium at Tallahassee Community College was nearly filled to it’s 500 seat capacity.  This would have been all well and good, but with the patriotic theme John decided to add another touch.  He hired my good friend Lloyd Wheeler, AKA Dr. Benjamin Franklin, to greet the guests and to make a presentation during intermission.

Charlene and Dr. Franklin

Here is a shot of Dr. Franklin with my sister-in-law, Charlene Wilson.  There were five of us attending, Carolyn and I, Charlene, and our very good friends, Joe and Myrtie Mott.

What a fabulous time we all had!

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