LA Bound and Excited

I will be attending the 2018 Deming Conference in Manhattan Beach, Ca, October 4-7. This years conference is titled “Why Deming, Why Now?”. This will be a wonderful time of reunions for me as there will be 8-10 long-time Deming fanatics there I have not seen in 7 years.

Sales of the Red Bead Game have been steady with 5 going to an engineering firm in Thailand, a third game shipped to the Australian government, a game sent to the makers of the Patriot Missile and an inquiry from Tyson Farms. I keep a stock of 20-30 games but that can be depleted very quickly.



We have just purchased a Roland MDX-40, 4 axis Benchtop CnC machine.
After Advance Machine of Clearwater, Fl creates all the tooling needed, we
will be able to make 3 game paddles at a time. This will greatly help us keep ahead of incoming orders. The machine listed for more than $14,000.


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Merry Christmas

Hope the hustle and bustle has not done too much to dampen your spirits. Many years ago I was visiting with a family when gifts were opened. A 4 year old boy tore through the 8-10 gifts that were his under the tree. After he opened the last one he threw it aside and screamed, “Is that all!” Most of my Christmases growing up were pleasant but I can remember thinking mostly of me, me, me.
Be a servant to those around you. It really is the greatest gift of all.



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Deming APP a Smash Hit

The Deming app we launched in May 2017 has performed way beyond our expectations. My fault that the online courses have been slow to emerge, but my wish is to finish something before year’s end. Download the app now at Demingco at IOS or Play Store.

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New APP Coming

We have created the first serious Deming APP. It should roll out first of May 2017. It will always be free and at first will contain a wealth of info about Deming. Later this year we will add some online courses that will introduce users to the power of Deming Philosophy and start the revolution in commerce and healthcare.demings tiger small Enjoy Deming’s Tiger.

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Well, here we go

It has been 7 months since the passing of my wife, Carolyn. There have been ups and downs as you might imagine, but I find that a new direction is emerging and I am pretty excited about it. cp cuddleWith the election of Donald Trump there will be an unprecedented opportunity to adopt the Deming Philosophy as we perhaps should have done in 1980. Deming Started his work in Japan in 1950. After having his System of Profound Knowledge at work for just 30 years, Japan had set a new standard for quality the world over. There is no reason business in the U.S. can’t replicate the Japanese Miracle.

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The Great Love of My Life

cp cuddledscn03131dscn03131alancp-copyApril 15th, 2016, my wife Carolyn went home to be with her Lord. During her three year battle with ovarian cancer I witnessed the faith and bravery of a remarkable woman. I may never love as deeply again.  The 34 years we had together were wonderful beyond words. She was my best friend, confidant, lover.  Knowing she is resting in the arms of her Lord helps a little to ease the sorrow I feel.

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Latest Addition

Sophia Joy at 8 weeksWell we have gone and done it.
This pic is of our latest addition,
Sophie Joy, the day we got her
home.  She is just 8 weeks old
and 1 lb. 9 oz.  We expect she
will rocket to 5 lbs or so in her
first year.  Once we decided to
take the puppy plunge again Carolyn did all the research
and was able to find a family in Georgia that had both
the AKC parents and the price was very reasonable.
20150606_102106_resizedLeft is a pic of the breeder
with Sophie’s mother.  The
biggest challenge has been
adjusting to the demands a
puppy makes on 60+ year
old bodies.

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Great things in store

I will be sharing some Deming Philosophy with a local car dealership.  It amazes me that with Deming thinking at work in all Japanese and most Korean auto manufacturers, that I fail to see it at the dealership level. 369507_280x140 Do the makers not believe that the same care and expertise should prevail in sales and service?  In any case I admit my addiction.  I am forced to point out Deming’s work wherever I go, I cannot help it.  Approaching 69 this summer and am looking forward to being out of the sign business. It will take no few speeches to get my groove back, but even that will be a refreshing change.

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A New Direction?

Thinking about the sign business and what direction to take for the short term.  Of course after 40 years I am ready to stop making signs already.  I may have 20 years left to make a difference, and I will spend that time speaking and teaching Dr. Deming’s ideas, helping as many as possible to start down the path of his transformational thinking.  The most powerful element of teaching Deming is trumpeted in the old saying about “teaching a man to fish”.  The main idea behind Deming is a transformation.  When this transformation takes place the hearer is no longer able to look at business management, or any kind of organizational management the same way.  Deming’s ideas pervade everything he does.  As this new convert starts to apply Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge he sees the results and becomes more and more convinced that it works.
I am more that 10 years into this transformation and have seen Deming’s ideas work in businesses large and small.  So now it is time to apply systems thinking once again to our situation at SignPrinters.  I will be starting the process in the next few weeks and will post updates here so you can share in our success.

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Goodnight, dear friend

At 9:15 am NZ time, a mentor and friend stepped into the light. As the author of this website I am just one of hundreds, no thousands, that have had their lives forever altered by an encounter with Roy Waldrom.roysuit.jpg Loved as a grandfather, father and husband, Roy was a simple man, simply hearing Father God and teaching what he heard to everyone he met. Simple. “Why are you trying to make it hard?” he asked. “Just ask Jesus.” I was certain the Christian walk could not be that simple. But it was. He will certainly be missed. But Roy lives on in the hearts and lives of those he touched, I for one, will never be the same.

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